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Smart Watches & Wearables

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Smartwatches Buying Guide

Smart watches are still a quite new devices in the best mobile accessory range, but these new wearable electronics  are poised to hit the mainstream with the final objective to replace to traditional watch 

 What’s a Smartwatch?

Smart watches are wearable devices that work with your smartphone via wireless connection. Without replacing a smart phone, it send notifications of instant messages, social-network updates, and more – with some devices even allow accepting and conducting phone calls right on the watch.

Like smart phones, they also run apps which includes health and fitness apps (with activity trackers etc.), and other control functions such as music, camera, navigation and many more. Because smart watches have open software platforms, many new and innovative apps are getting introduced that will increase the functionality of device.

Different Operating Systems for your smart watch:

WatchOS, the Apple Operating system offers more apps for its apple watch than the Pebble OS, Android Wear and Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear smartwatches. The Carousel home screen is composed of circular icons, which can be zoomed in and out with the well-known Apple Digital Crown.

Samsung Gear (Tizen-based) comes second in the race with 6,000 apps. Samsung Gear is a line of wearable computing devices produced by Samsung Electronics. The Tizen-based Gear 2 is the successor of the Android Samsung smartwatch launched in September 2013.

Android Wear provides 4000 app. LG, Motorolla, Sony, Asus, Asus, HTC, Acer and ZTE are using the Android Wear Operating system. It’s a version of Google's Android operating system designed for smartwatches.

Pebble:  With 7000 apps, the Pebble Smartwatch is a smartwatch developed by the Corporation Pebble Technology in 2013. The Pebble Smartwatch features a black and whiteSharp Memory LCD, a vibrating motor, memory, storage, Bluetooth, a magnetometer, a programmable CPU, an ambient light sensor, and an accelerometer.

Smart watch important features:

Design: The smart watch is a wearable that should correspond to your style. For some people, it’s a real jewelry. Look at the colors, the design and all the aspects that usually have an importance for you.

Phone support: You will need a Bluetooth 4.0 Smart ready Product, and your phone and OS need to be supported.

Waterproof: Not all the smartwatches are waterproof or swim friendly. If that’s a compulsory option because you take your shower with your watch, better to filter your selection with only waterproof ones.

Battery life: The best choice for a smartwatch would be between 2 to 3 days for a comfortable use.

Apps:  Apple Watch OS, Android Wear, Pebble OS and Samsung Gear use all different apps. It’s better to check your needs in apps before taking any decision knowing that WatchOS offers the most applications in the market.

Screen color: Color or Black & White? Think of the best option for your smartwatch and the most comfortable for your eyes.

Voice recognition: Do you want to speak with your watch? Do you need to use it as phone speaker? Check that aspect for every single smart watch than catch your interest