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Laptops & Notebooks

Buying guide for Laptop and Notebook in UAE

When it comes to buying a laptop and notebook, there a few specifications and features that are looked into that are specific to the individual’s choices and needs. The user could buy a laptop and a notebook only for performing basic computational tasks and surfing the internet might not need a high end laptop or notebook. A graphic designer or a programmer might need a laptop or notebook that has higher specifications and features to speed up their work.

What is a laptop and notebook?

Typically, a laptop is a computer that is portable and has all the features of a desktop PC. A notebook is also a laptop that is thinner in dimensions. Most of the laptops today are called notebooks because they are made in thinner dimensions. You could buy a laptop or notebook from any brand, depending upon your requirement and budget. They all come with a warranty and pre installed operating system and applications that are upgradable. Notebooks are lighter weighted than laptops.

Main features of laptop and notebook

Laptops and notebooks have similar features, except their dimensions are different.

Screen resolution:
This depends on the size of the screen that is measured in inches. A user can decide the screen options in size and dimensions and make an informed purchase.

Touch screen:
Most of the laptops and notebooks that you find in the market have a touch screen option available. You also get options for using stylus pen, and also using a mouse for accessing and navigating through the laptop and notebook’s GUI.

laptops and notebooks have either an Intel or any other CPU that supports high end graphics. You can also look for a separate graphic CPU with RAM dedicated to process graphics separately.

Storage space:
There are a variety of storage spaces available in laptops and notebooks. They are HDD, DVD drives, USB drives, card readers, external storage drives, etc. You can check for the capacity of these drives in the specifications and make a purchase.

Operating system:
Most of the laptops and notebooks are most commonly installed with the Windows operating system, except for all the laptops and notebooks from Apple.

Camera and connectivity:
A laptop and notebook has a single camera that is used for clicking photos and also be used as a webcam. There are also a variety of connectivity options, such as, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared, etc available in the portable computers.